Adirondack chair made of Canadian Cedar wood

Adirondack chair made of Canadian Cedar wood with a Muskoka design style

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Adirondack chair made of Canadian Cedar wood


Adirondack chair made of Canadian Cedar wood, very durable and resistant to North American climate. This great value classic Muskoka style outdoor chair is partially pre-assembled for a quick and easy set-up. Pop-in a few bolts and screws and you're on your way to kick-back in your new chair to enjoy the summer. You can paint it or stain it any color or tint you want, or leave it in its natural wood form as shown above. Cushions are not included, but can be purchased separately. Chair cushions are available in several colours and sold separately.

We chose Eastern White Cedar for these chair models for many environmental, social and economy-friendly reasons. This type of Cedar is abundant and provides a very low carbon footprint because it's a renewable national resource that grows mostly in the Maritimes, the Great Lakes, the St-Lawrence regions of Quebec, Ontario and also in parts of Manitoba. Since it's sourced from Canada, it requires less transportation and fuel to acquire compared to many other woods. It stimulates local employment since it's harvested, processed and made into furniture right here in Quebec. Cedar also has a natural resistance to decay, insects and fungus, which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. It's often used in the manufacturing of shingles, fences, outdoor furniture, home siding, decks and even saunas. It's a light weight wood, but it's deceivingly strong and more durable than other soft woods. It provides a smoother, more consistent density with fewer knots, that's more stable, dry and sees very little shrinkage with time. Its texture and pores are fine, which makes it ideal for staining, painting or varnishing. So, if you're shopping for an outdoor wooden chair, these make for one of the best choices on the market, especially if you cherish the environment, if you're conscious about carbon footprint and you'd like to support local employment.



73cm L x 92cm P x 87cm H ( 29" L x 36" P x 34" H ) • Inner seat width is 51cm ( 20'' )

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