8½ foot size yellow garden umbrella with O'Bravia fabric by Treasure Garden

3 year warranty against fabric discoloration and 1 year on the Treasure Garden frame. One of the best yellow garden umbrella choices on the market for its quality, durability, price and warranty.

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8½ foot size yellow garden umbrella with O'Bravia fabric by Treasure Garden


Yellow garden umbrella by Treasure Garden in a versatile offset square 259 cm / 8.5 foot size format. Easy to use, this umbrella can swivel, tilt and lock into place. Includes a one year warranty on the frame and 3 years against the discoloration of the Treasure Garden O'Bravia fabric. Because of the sturdy and convenient cross shaped stand, this model of garden umbrella can be directly bolted into a concrete or wood deck, in your cement pool walk or other locations. Cement, marble or a separately sold weighted base can be used to weigh this patio umbrella structure down by using a variety of anchor kits available as options, specific to your needs.

Code: OTUM AG19SQ 8.5 LEM


259 cm ( 8.5 feet )

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